I’ve often thought “Why do I run?” It’s a hard question to answer. I’ve been a runner for almost 14 years now, yet when I try to answer this question, I find myself grasping for the words. I closed my eyes, looked deep into my heart, and this is what I came up with: I run to feel alive. Nothing else in my life makes me feel the way running does. The idea of pushing my body to its brink invigorates me. In life, I constantly doubt myself; my abilities, my looks, my mind, my work…but when I’m running, it’s just me vs myself. Only I can run that extra mile. Only I can take one more step. I am in control of my body, and it has time after time continued to amaze me by doing what I never thought I could do. And that is why I continue to run…To see if what I couldn’t do yesterday, I can do today. And that is a great way to live.

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