It began as a joke, a mere laughable suggestion that a friend made at a kids’ party after she learned I ran my first 10k. She said, “I’ll do your next 10k with you if you do the #tinkerbell #halfmarathon with me in May.” She’s a runner so I was pretty intimidated. At first I really thought she was joking. I mean how in the world am I supposed to run a #13point1 miles when I barely survived my first race and that wasn’t even half the distance?!?! Then we ran a couple more 10k’s together and she gave me this #shoecharm at Christmas. She said we could start #running together in the mornings and build up my mileage.
Well 5 months later, here we are… 2 days away from my first #runDisney#tinkerbellhalfmarathon ✨💚 We now have 6 #runningmoms in our group. They have helped me with my strength, endurance and pace. They’ve supported me in all my #running endeavors and cheered me on every mile. 💫💚
Though this won’t be my first half, it will certainly mean so much to me. This little charm started it all… What started as a joke became a goal, an inspiration and it created a close friendship among 6 mamas. This weekend I’m running with #mytribe and it’s gonna be amazing!


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