“I have a tattoo of the word ‘Believe’ on my foot. I used to be a competitive figure skater and my decision to give the sport my all came down to this one word.  As an adult, I admit that I had lost touch with what that word actually meant to me. Why had I gotten it permanently put on my body? I had a few bumps in the road, a couple of difficult years. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted or where I was going. That’s why I started running. I ran to get away from my problems. I ran to prove to myself that I could finish what I had set out to do. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t quick, but because of running I now have the daily reminder that when you truly begin to believe in who you are the pieces of your life will fall into place – exactly how they were always meant to. Over the past year, running has allowed me to embrace the endless possibilities that life has to offer. Running has given me the drive to be the best possible version of myself.”

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