My dad ran cross country and track in high school and college, and even coach high school cross country. So that’s where my running roots come from. He still runs a few days a week. I did run track and xcc in middle school, but was never really passionate about running until I was in Minnesota for my undergrad. I did it every now and then leisurely, just as a mind relaxer, but then I watched some friends run a half marathon in May 2013, and I decided to make running a half a goal of mine. I ran a 5k that Aug, a 10k that Oct. I made my new years resolution/goal to run a race of various distances every month in 2014. And I did! Including my first half marathon in July. Prior to that I didn’t think I’d run a full marathon, but made that a goal too. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2015, have run 3 total halves, with one scheduled at the end of the month. And am signed up for the TC Marathon again this October. I’m a big foodie, sports and movie buff. Believe me, peanut butter is my kryptonite haha. Video production and running are my passions. And running is still my ultimate mind relaxer.


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