After high school until years after university my main hobby was drinking & partying. My days as an athlete in school had ended and I was this party girl with few goals and a despondent blurry life!

I always had this idea I wanted to become a runner, though I didn’t act on it for a long time. Running looked like freedom, passion, goals. I heard ads for Team in Training on the radio a lot; train for an endurance event & raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society…the time seemed as good as any so I signed up. Half-assedly, I trained with TNT, too hungover a lot of the time to meet for long runs, too busy socializing (drinking) on week nights to make track, but I managed to complete the Nike Women’s 1/2 marathon in San Fran in 2013 and that felt really good.
In 2014 I (also half-assedly) trained for another 1/2, where I did surprisingly well but I still wasn’t committed or motivated. I was dragging along as a flakey runner (and generally flakey human haha) with hangovers and excuses, wondering why running was always a struggle and I never improved or felt pumped.
In 2015 I quit drinking alcohol. My passion & commitment to running went to another level. I completed my 3rd & 4th most enjoyable 1/2 marathons and then I went for it: I trained HARD for the Vancouver Marathon in 2016 and completed my first 42.2km ECSTATICALLY and strong with no bonking! It was one of the best days of my life so far and I know for a fact I couldn’t have done it if I were still drinking.

Now, I run always and drink never! I’m never NOT stoked about running and it’s so awesome. I’m getting faster, experimenting with speedwork, nutrition, recovery, and learning about all things running. This passion lets me take care of myself physically & mentally, compete against myself and set new goals constantly. I’m currently training for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria marathon aiming for an ambitious PR and then THE DOPEY CHALLENGE in Disney World for my birthday! Four races in four days: 48.6 miles total. BRING IT. Running makes us grow through challenge and that’s the best thing ever!

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