Want the KOR flag? Put in a request and start motivating it forward.

The KOR Project is sending out the KOR (Keep On Running) flag on an endless mission to spark motivation through the words on the flag and the meaningful KOR logo that stands for several motivating aspects. (click here for logo explanation here.)

If you have the flag or someone as passed it on to you, you are ready to motivate it forward.
Let your imagination RUN wild. Things you can do with the flag:
• take it on a run
• post pictures on Instagram & Twitter with #thekorflag
• take it to your next big race
• share it at an event
• take it on vacation
• hang it in your room for motivation
• take selfies with it (we like selfies)
• use it as a running cape
• take it on a trail run
• bring it up a mountain
• take it to a track meet
“your options are endless and so is the journey of this flag…”
Be sure to tag us on Instagram @thekorproject in any pictures you post with the flag and use the hashtag #thekorflag
When you’re done pass the flag on to
another runner, and let them know what it is all about.
We’re excited to see how many runners, locations, races, events, the KOR flag will travel, and all the motivation it will bring to runners.


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